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Business start-ups
You have a good idea for you to make money and intend to start a business, but are unsure on some areas? MGT Accounting AS can help you with this. If you're use of our advisory service, you will get an overview and help to gather up all the necessary documentation that is required.

Start-up phase
At startup of a business, there are many factors and rules that must be followed. Common for all is that there is an extensive and complicated set of regulations they must adhere to. You should focus on the actual product or service in the start-up phase, so that the paperwork are downgraded. In other words, one can say that there are many pitfalls on the way towards success. MGT Accounting AS helping your business with the right of establishment and how to relate in a start-up phase.

There are many complex issues one must deal with. To surpass these obstacles, one must know their limitations and strengths. There are many deadlines, laws, and rules that one must insert themselves in the start. We can help you with these issues. We think it is natural that you as an upcoming entrepreneur does not necessarily have to have your expertise on the economy, but rather that the business should live by. By taking advantage of our service business start-ups, we can guarantee that you are left with lots of useful advice.

Substitute teacher/ekstrahjelp
Every year occurs the busy periods with limited resources internally within the company. It may then be a need for temporary job in the temporary position, which takes care of the administrative tasks. MGT Accounting AS can help with relief of the work by the hire of quality personnel.

Temporary positions
Need your business assistance during the year-end closing, by sick leave and absence, or at the holidays, our employees good and updated knowledge in accounting and consulting. This service is provided through the use of flexible solutions, by hiring temporary workers to temporary positions. Our employees have experience from several different industries, which gives our employees a unique position within most areas.

Customized to your business
When we want your business to succeed, adapt to the we your vikarbehov. The candidate we propose for your business, be genuinely interested in your success and have a wide knowledge that your business will take advantage of. Vikaren, among other things, help with accounting, salary payment and other administrative tasks.

Benefits of hire of the temporary worker
Knowledge from various industries
Lower transaction costs
Large production in a short time
New impulses
Limited time period


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