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MGT regnap as is an authorized accounting company and complete service provider that offers a wide range of accounting-related services and financial advice.



Ligningspapirer and financial statements.
Financial statements provides an overview and conveys useful information about this year's economic events and explains the company's situation. The user of the information to be able to make good decisions based on these financial statements. Ligningspapirer is a generic term for a tax return with attachments as annual shall be submitted to the tax administration by 31.may. These papers form the basis for skatteleggingen of the company.

Consolidated financial statements.
There are two main functions the financial statements have, Explain your company's financial status. Show how the company's funds have been used in the course of the year. According to the Norwegian accounting act, all businesses that are regnskapspliktige, prepare at least annual financial statements. The annual accounts and the directors ' report shall be determined no later than six months after the end of the financial year. The submissions should now be done electronically via Altinn, where all documents are submitted, collected, clearly readable.

Annually, all regnskapspliktige companies deliver ligningspapirer and financial statements. Organisation and size of the business determines whether your company is regnskapspliktig. When it comes to the size of the business, the jurisdiction of the obligation after two years over the limit. Your obligation will cease, the organization must have been under the limit in two consecutive years. Is the business subject of the financial supervisory authority of norway, is also the company full regnskapspliktig. Are you unsure whether your business is this policy, you can read more about this on Altinn.

Constant changes.
There are constantly changes of regulations in relation to tax and accounting, which can make it difficult and time-consuming to fill out ligningspapirer and financial statements. Errors occur in the year-end closing, this can lead to large tilleggsinnbetalinger in taxes for the business.
We have long experience, combined with continuous technical updates, best practices, as well as the modern offered. MGT Accounting also has a daily focus on doing a good job both for the small and medium-sized customers.
Want your business help to ensure that ligningspapirer or the financial statements are correct and completed in relation to the regulations, it helps like one of our solution-oriented staff your business! Contact us today for more information.

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