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VAT representation in Norway.
All foreign enterprises with VATable activity in Norway without place of business or place of residence in Norway must appoint a tax representative. MGT has extensive experience in acting as a VAT representative for foreign companies in Norway and can assist your company in all VAT-related issues.

General information about Norwegian VAT and VAT representation in Norway.
Anyone who is engaged in trade or business with VAT. Responsible activities in Norway, must register and pay and pay VAT on deliveries he makes, provided that the total sale exceeds the value of Nok 50 000 in a twelve-month period.

VAT terms are as follows
1.Term: January and February
2.Term: March and April
3.Term: May and June
4.Term: July and August
5.Term: September and October
6.Term: November and December

Procedures for issuance of invoices. Foreign companies can issue their invoices as normal and send them directly to your customers. After completed and confirmed registration in the Norwegian momsregistret, invoices also include Norwegian vat. But before faktureringens start, we must as your Norwegian momsrepresentant sure that all the relevant fakturakrav is included in the invoice.

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