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Remittance means to pay invoices and bills from an accounting system, where a list of invoices exported to a venteregister in the bank. The short answer is, it's all about saving time and money to automate and simplify the payments and the posting in connection with the invoice. Transaction costs will also be reduced on the basis that the payments carried out without rentetap on the due date.

Control your obligations and liquidity.

All inbound invoices can be sent directly from your suppliers into our accounting system. From the system is sent that a link back to the business for to approve the cost. When the invoice is approved it is posted and ready for payment. In this way there is no forgetting antenna, and you have a full overview of your obligations and liquidity. You get whatever the full control over what is paid out in the form of an electronic certification/approval with a copy of all the invoices you can provide comments to or keep back the payment of the.

Save time.

The service provides a good and efficient overview of the providers which the financial statements are updated automatically. Maybe it seems a trivial matter to pay invoices, but it requires quickly more input than you think. Our staff is flexible and leaves it up to you whether you want to put all the work to us, or if your business want to make big parts of the job yourself. Save time, contact us.

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